Beginner Dance


Ballet * Jazz * Hip Hop * Ballroom Contemporary * Lyrical

Our dance classes incorporate a variety of dance styles. Developing multiple dance styles helps increase coordination and muscle control.  Combining dance with our tumbling classes will give children a great base for school cheer and dance teams.

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Intermediate Dance Coming Soon!


This class includes the same variety of dance styles as our beginner dance class with added difficulty for a more experienced dancer.  Basic gymnastics including cartwheels, aerials, and walkovers are included in this dance class.  Our tumbling class will also help develop tumbling skills used in these classes.

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Aerial Silks Coming Soon!


Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.  Students do not need experience or prerequisites to register.  We start low to the ground with a soft mat and slowly work into more difficult moves when students are ready.  Aerial silks build strength, muscle tone, and coordination.

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Dance Performances

Dance students have the option to perform at all Recreational Believe Team Competitions.  Don't miss this opportunity to show off your progress!