Competitive Teams

River City Academy


A fully accredited, private school offered to our exceptionally talented competitive gymnasts here at Believe Gymnastics. Students are taught by certified and experienced teachers. Our program not only allows flexibility, but also gives accountability and an individualized learning plan for each student. River City Academy, aligned with our Day Training program, allows each gymnast the opportunity to reach their maximum academic and athletic potential. Additionally, this program allows ample rest and recovery time, and gives the athlete more time to spend with their family.

TOPS and Elite Program


TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program) is a USA Gymnastics program set up to capitalize on the exceptionally gifted gymnasts' strength, flexibility, and coordination. TOPS is tested in both state and national testings each summer and is working toward Elite gymnastics.  Believe has the only Elite Program in Tennessee.

USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program


The Junior Olympic Program (JO) consists of levels 2-10. These athletes train multiple times per week and are working toward college and/ or Elite gymnastics. Our Day and Night training times maximize the gym's availability and give all team gymnasts the attention they deserve.

Xcel Program


Our Xcel Program consists of athletes who compete in more local competitions and train less hours. It is also less of a financial commitment than our JO Program.

Developmental Program


The Developmental Program is a pre-team designed to prepare very young gymnasts for our competitive team.

Want to join our team?


Call our office to set up an evaluation or attend one of our tryouts in April or May.



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